What's the GovGeek Club?

I read everything #GovTech & #CivicTech, so you don't have to

Basically just a listserv. (For now.)

There's a lot of noise in this "space" — AI, big data, sensors, automation — but not too much clarity. What's working, and what's not. Who know's what they are talking about and who doesn't? I'd argue that we were blessed years ago with a number of foundation- or corporate-backed writers and editors taking up the mantle of narrating our unique arena of public-minded technology. But things change, and we have a hole to fill.

We'll start here by flagging all the most popular or controversial issues (eg articles, essays, etc) so you won't miss them, and adding a bit of context and commentary when we can. Can you trust me? Maybe. I've got about a decade's experience in the field. But anyone masquerading as an expert is just that: an actor. Things are moving too fast, and every situation is too different. You can at best be the jack of all and the master of none, or at worst, an empty hat.

I'll try my best to be neither. With your help. Drop a line whenever you have something to say or add: [email protected] Really, please do.

Eventually this may take on other forms: I'm already planning on providing some lightweight market research on the industry and track some dealflow. There's also some discussion on sharing educational curriculum. Hell, we might end up swapping from the one-way newsletter format to a group message board. Time shall tell.


Let's start here. My commitment is as simple as it is sincere: to share on a constant basis the news of the day (or at worst the week). And to do so without bias, and without concern for my current or future employment obligation. I'll be be our industry's free radical for the time being.

My Ask

A bit of patience. A bit of humor. And a bit of help.